New to the sport of natural drug free all athlete tested bodybuilding?  Or you’ve been competing awhile but this is your first NANBF sanctioned show?  Here are some commonly asked questions…

Q.  Is this a Pro-Qualifier?

This is an amateur competition where the top 5 in each category can move on to the Super Pro Qualifier in Oklahoma to earn an automatic Pro Card that allows you a pass to the IPE Worlds Championships. Normally you will need to earn a Pro Card, compete in a Pro Show, then qualify to compete in the World Championships. Super Pro Qualifier allows you to earn your pro card and go straight to the IPE World Championships.

Q.  Does my INBA, WNBF, NGA, etc. federation membership cards apply here?

No, each federation has it’s own membership. We have 4 NANBF (North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation) shows here in Washington and one in Fresno, CA. Plenty of opportunities to put your NANBF federation membership card to good use on the west coast.

Q.  Why do I have to tan?

Several dark coats of spray tan keep your muscles from looking flat and washed out by the bright stage lights.  Judges have a hard time judging what they cannot see.  You worked hard, allow everyone to see the shape and condition of your physique.  Bright white stage lights and camera flashes drown muscle definition.

Q.  Do I have to use the spray tanner sponsoring the show.

No.  The sponsoring tanner will be on site back stage on the day of the show and can fix accidents like water & sweat drips that might happen while waiting your turn.  They are available for touch ups like hand prints and uneven coloring.  Spray tan formulas do not mix and they will not touch up or glaze athletes with a tan from elsewhere for liability reasons.

Q.  Do I have to go to posing class?

No. But like any sports, exercise & nutrition is only a part of the equation.  Going to practice is important and going early in your journey & often is really important.  Muscles that have never been used or flexed in this manner will need a lot of repetition to memorize the movement as second nature.  And even then, there are many long time pros that still practice daily. If you are local, the closest posing class in in Auburn. Contact Katy Wayman-White for new schedule  Currently Wednesdays 6pm and Sundays 12noon at Turning Point Studio Auburn.

Q. Are the poses in other federations the same as NANBF?

Federations have different requirements and mandatory poses.  Be sure you practice the right ones.  See for the new Bikini quarter turns and poses for the new Men’s Classic Physique Category.

Q. Which category should I choose to compete in?

You should choose based on your personal preference & enjoyment regardless of the opinions of others.  Which kind of physique do you like & want to create?  What poses do you enjoy?  Go to a posing class & try them all.  Don’t overly judge yourself and think you’re not good enough for a category.  If you’re going to put in all this work, have the pleasure of enjoying your stage time.  Over time & years, you will grow into that category and get better.  Most newbies think they will be picture perfect the first year, but natural drug free physique without substance assistance takes time.

Q. Where do I buy shoes? is a great source.  Search bikini or figure competition shoes.  Put them on as soon as you get them, then blow hot air on the tight areas with a blow dryer to mold them to your feet.  Wear them often around the house doing chores break them in and to get as comfortable and natural in them as possible.

Q. What foods should I eat?

This question is best asked of your coach.  Unless you are well knowledgeable regarding nutrition for strength and muscle building (different than weight loss), I recommend seeking professional guidance in your first year.  Do not make the mistake of copying someone else’s meal plan, macros, or a system online.  Every body is different, you can harm your metabolism and immune system if what you follow is a cookie cutter plan that is best suited for a person with a different body type, genetics, muscle mass, physique, and metabolism.

Q. Why do I have to polygraph? Why do I have to give urine?

We realize that not all federations require this.  We also realize that even if a natural federation charges for a test, a specimen may not be collected.  NANBF made testing mandatory so that you can fairly compete with other athletes who do not have substance or drug assistance.  This gives you the peace of mind that you fit in with others on a level playing field.  Everyone one must pass a polygraph test.  And if you place one of the top 3 in your category, you will provide a urine sample.  If you refuse to give a specimen, you will be disqualified.  At least a half cup amount is required.