*NEW Men’s Classic Physique

Just added in 2017!  Now there are 3 options for men to participate in:  Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, and Bodybuilding.

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*NEW Bikini quarter turns

New in 2017 with the NANBF, Bikini quarter turns!  Be sure you are clear on what is acceptable poses on the NANBF stage.  See Posing Coach Katy Wayman-White at Turning Point Studio for classes.

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Martini Liquid Sunrayz

Bright white hot stage lights needs a thick coat of spray tan to make sure your hard work isn’t drowned out.  Friday base coat tans will be at Victory Get Fit Club and day of show touch ups at the theater.

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NANBF Victory Natural Northwest

No matter your age or experience, NATURAL bodybuilding is now an option for those seeking an opportunity to grow and develop both physically and mentally.  There are many other sports to challenge us like marathon races, Olympic power lifting, crossfit games, dance, but bodybuilding is one that most would never imagine as an option based on what we’ve seen on t.v. and magazines.  Now with drug-free all athlete tested bodybuilding, the sport is accessible for the average person to excel and do well.  People who were once obese and overweight now lean and strong.  No matter where you start, if you are faithful to the process and patient with your progress, you will continue to transform and sculpt.

Follow through, make your dream come true!

“A goal is a dream with a deadline” for many, signing up and committing to do a show is just the motivation needed to seriously focus on taking daily action.  Give yourself the gift of a new physique plus new self realized power & confidence.